Timothy Dang

Timothy Dang

HTML/CSS3 & Javascript

  • ô Qantas Hotels
    Qantas Hotels UI/UX work on the new Qantas Hotels site that works across multiple devices using HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Backbone.js and head.js Url: http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/hotels/global/en
  • ô Jetstar Hotels
    Jetstar UI work on the new Jetstar Hotels site that uses HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Ember.js & Modernizer Url: https://hotels.jetstar.com/search
  • ô WhitePages App
    Whitepages iPhone & iPad app UI and UX work on the new WhitePages' mobile application that uses device specific HTML5/CSS3 Url: http://mobile.whitepages.com.au
  • ô Huggie
    Huggie Front-end development with HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery Url: http://huggie.com.au
  • ô Barwon Water
    Barwon Water HTML/CSS and UI work on a goverment site with XHTML templates that comply with a number of web accessibility standards & guidelines Url: http://www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au
  • ô Fujixerox
    FujiXerox site redesign UI redesign work with standard-compliant XHTML/CSS and Javascript Url: http://www.fujixerox.com.au
  • ô Hummingbird
    Hummingbird Top 100 Mini campaign site with front-end HTML/CSS/Javascript and some PHP integration work
  • ô MYOB
    MYOB site Redesign of MYOB corporate site's front pages with template and boilerplate HTML/CSS Url: http://myob.com.au
  • ô Bluebelly
    Bluebelly - Drug Education website HTML/CSS and .NET templating integration for the non-profit Bluebelly site to help educate young people about drugs Url: http://www.bluebelly.org.au
  • ô GCC Corporate Site
    GCC Corporate Frontend work with HTML/CSS and Javascript on the pre-event GCC corporate site Url: http://www.gettheworldmoving.com
  • ô Gotnull Blog
    Gotnull personal weblog HTML/CSS and Wordpress theme skinning work on a client's personal blog
  • ô Kraft Kitchen
    Kraft Kitchen Minisite HTML/CSS work on a client's campaign minisite with .NET integration that allows consumers to submit and vote on their favourite recipes
  • ô Mattel Wishlist
    Mattel Christmas Wishlist 2010 UI, template/design and Flash widget development work on Mattel's favourite children toys recommendation site for Christmas

Flash Development

  • ô ANZ Netball
    ANZ Netball Championship site AS3 flash application with AMFPHP webservice integration Url: http://www.anznetball.com
  • ô Bandslam
    Bandslam movie promotional minisite A Flash promotional minisite to celebrate the opening of Bandslam the movie
  • ô Dolly Wishlist
    Dolly Christmas Wishlist A Flash application help young magazine readers to share their christmas wishlist to friends & family Url: http://www.myxmaswishlist.com.au
  • ô Dunlop Challenge
    Dunlop FastResponse Challenge facebook game AS3 flash racing promotional game with 3 different playing modes and score leaderboard Url: http://elrancho.com.au/goodyear/site
  • ô GCC Website
    Global Corporate Challenge 2008-2009 Develop multiple AS3 flash applications for the Global Corporate Challenge site including interactive custom map, chart and statistic widgets Url: http://www.gettheworldmoving.com
  • ô Muels Website
    Muels board shorts' product site An AS2 flash site to showcase products with ecommerce features Url: http://www.muels.com
  • ô Recipe Finder
    Creative Gourmet's Recipe Finder AS2 flash mini widget to showcase all availble recipes made with Creative Gourmet's products
  • ô Mattel Toyologist
    Mattel Junior Toyologist Competition AS3 flash site with SEO friendly deep link URLs that allows kids to upload their toy review video to participate in a competition
  • ô Promise Forest
    Toyota's Promise Forest facebook app A flash facebook application for an ad campaign to promote National Tree Day 2010 that allows user to interactively grow their own tree by completing certain tasks/promises
  • ô Kraft Vegemite 1
    Kraft Vegemite's Campaign Minisite An AS3 flash application for a client's campaign minisite to celebrate a billionth jar of Vegemite sold in Australia
  • ô Kraft Vegemite 2
    Kraft Vegemite's Campaign Minisite AS3 flash application for a nation-wide competition to name the new Vegemite's cream chese spread

Hi there!

My name is Timothy Dang. I am a UI/UX developer and designer living in Melbourne, Australia.

With more than 5 years experience working across a variety of web development projects, I have specialized in creating and implementing clean, simple and pixel-perfect UI design. I am passionate about giving your desktop, mobile and web applications the best user experience possible.

I am currently working as a UX developer at Jetstar. I have also worked as a freelancer with a number of development studios and design agencies for clients such as Sensis, ANZ, Clive Peeters, Kraft, Mattel & Disney. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line if you are interested in my services.

In the portfolio section, you can view some of the works I have worked on in the last few years.